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The Geeks4God ministry is in the process of shutting down.

After more than twelve years of effective ministry in helping to close the Digital Divide, we have concluded that the ministry is no longer sustainable. This is due primarily to Microsoft's planned obsolescence of Windows 10 and the intentional inability of older equipment to run Windows 11. This has resulted in the computers in this category to be highly discounted on the used equipment market. For example, a highly capable Windows 10 laptop can be obtained for around $150 or even less by ordering directly from eBay (who will also ship for free). Computer manufacturers have made computers increasingly more difficult to repair, crippling our ability to refurbish systems and provide a value-add. Additionally, laptop donations have all but dried-up due to the pandemic and many more people needing to work remotely from home. We believe that trying to sustain our ministry in the face of these technology mega-trends would be poor stewardship when our limited budget could be used more effectively in other areas of ministry. Accordingly, we are no longer accepting donations or equipment requests. We recommend contacting PCs for People or just ordering directly from eBay for your equipment needs.

Thank you.