What we're doing to keep computers out of landfills and in the hands of those in need.


They're in that order for a reason. We try our hardest to reuse and refurbish computers before deciding to recycle them. Giving a computer a new home cuts down on e-waste while helping someone in need.

If a computer is non-functional and cannot be refurbished, we extract the usable and valuable parts. These can be used to repair other computers in need of replacement parts.


computers kept out of landfills


Instead of throwing away old devices, we encourage individuals and businesses to donate their old electronics. We guarantee that they will find a new home with a non-profit or individual in need, or be responsibly recycled by our recycling partners.

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Handling toxic chemicals

CRT (cathode-ray tube) monitors, batteries, and other electronics can contain dangerous and hazardous chemicals. CRT displays can contain up to four pounds of lead by some estimates. Lithium-Ion batteries, if punctured or over-charged, can explode. Properly disposing of these chemicals is very important in keeping the enviroment, and the people that handle them, safe.